Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alcohol Ink and Grungepaper

So, I wanted to type up a little post here using alcohol inks and Grungepaper!

This month's Scraps of Darkness kit includes 6 sheets of Grungepaper in the Grunge Add-on, I love Grungepaper and wanted to share this quick and easy technique!

You will need:

Grungepaper element

Alcohol inks

Blending solution


Crackle accents

Squeeze a good amount (2 seconds) of ink onto the applicator. I also used a couple drops of silver mixative. I added a bit of blending solution and tapped the ink onto the element.

I coated the edges with Crackle Accents. That activated with the silver mixative and turned the crackle medium orange, which actually turned out pretty cool!

Alcohol ink dries very quickly, but with the Blending Solution, you can manipulate it and make the color just what you want!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Oh, and I cut the elements with the Oct. 31 Limited Edition Cricut Cart!

Happy Creating!


Scraps of Darkness said...

Awesome tutorial, Manda!

Cheryl said...,250.msg6385.html#msg6385

Cheryl said...

Sorry...minor dysfunction on my last comment lol. Awesome ink work. It really is smokin!!

MommaSaid said...

I love grunge paper AND how amazing it cuts in the Cricut. I think this is the best reason for me to start planning an investment in alcohol inks; wasn't convinced that they'd apply well to grunge anything before seeing it with my own eyes. Thank you for that.

craftysprinkles said...

Very cool tutorial Manda!!

Marie (Mazz) said...

that is just so COOL...thanks so much for sharing this...I'm gonna HAVE to try this technique :)

2amscrapper said...

great tutorial!

Tina said...

AWESOME, luv the what you did with the grunge!!!