Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thanks to everyone who is enjoying the new blog look!

I never thought I would have 100 people who would even want to glance this way!

I am planning a surprise, so be on the lookout over the next week or so.


The above layout is for the SGC Misting, Masking and Gesso.

Of course, I love all these mediums so this wasn't a challenge as much as a delight for me!

I used the Gesso to prime all the DA pieces for painting. I do this a lot with DA because it
is so porous. The gesso really helps the paint stick.

I misted the over the matching mask (that I just happen to have) on the TA tag.

I used a couple of crackle stamps that I am not sure the manufacturer of. I know, I am bad! They may be Prima.

I used the paper from Retro Tapestry. I love the bright fun colors of these gorgeous papers!

Anyway, this is me finally almost 100% recovered after my laparotomy. For those that don't know, in June I had my right ovary removed. What is supposed to be the size of a walnut, was about the size of a newborn's head! My ovary had ballooned to almost 7 inches, so it had to go.

I had my c-section scar reopened (and then some) in order to get it out and weeks of recovery.

Please see your doctors yearly ladies!

Thanks for looking!


Peggy said...

Stunning new LO, gorgeous new blog!!!!

Scrap Vamp said...

Gorgeous page, Manda!

MommaSaid said...

Oh, dear! So glad to know you're okay! It's a beautiful page and why wouldn't people choose to follow and see what lovely creations you make?

Carla said...

Awesome lay out!